FOCUS is a Yountville philanthropic organization for people who enjoy giving back to their community. Become a member today

Welcome to Yountville FOCUS

FOCUS brings together friends of the Yountville community united in service.

It is both a social and philanthropic group giving scholarships to Yountville area students pursuing higher education and supporting activities that benefit Yountville youth and seniors.  We welcome new members.hand1

Yountville FOCUS is driven by volunteers, please join us in giving back to Yountville.

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Fund Scholarships

Yountville FOCUS provides scholarships to individuals attaining higher education that live in the Yountville attendance area. Recipients can be high school graduates or returning students.

Members want to encourage locals who are pursuing higher education and provide a gesture of support as they advance their lives through education.

Community Projects

While our primary focus is scholarships, Yountville FOCUS also supports and funds community projects and local holiday festivities.

These provide opportunities for community building and meet our other objectives of supporting local youth and seniors.

Aid Local Youth and Seniors

FOCUS supports local youth activities in education and recreation through grants.

We provide grants to organizations raising funds including the school, town and fire department.

As part of our giving to charitable good causes, we prioritize money for seniors and the Veteran’s Home.

Provide a Social Opportunity

If you are new to the Yountville Community or want to further engage in this community, Yountville FOCUS provides an opportunity to meet like minded individuals volunteering in the community.

Please join us as a volunteer for a couple of hours at the BBQ or Yountville Days or attend one of our social events like the Holiday Party, March Member Meeting or June Potluck Picnic.